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University Policies
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University Of Maryland Emergency Pass/Fail Guidelines

(Approved by the President January 22, 2021)

These pass/fail guidelines may be used during emergency conditions at the University of
Maryland. They can only be invoked when the President and the Senior Vice President and
Provost deem it appropriate. At all other times, the University’s standard grading policy will be

  1. Students will be able to opt in to courses that they wish to take as pass/fail.
  2. Students will receive automatic approval when they choose the pass/fail option for up to seven (7) credits/semester.
  3. Students experiencing exceptional circumstances may request an exception to the seven-credit limit through their advisor and with the approval of their dean.
  4. The deadline for both choosing the pass/fail grading option and dropping a course with a W in the course will be extended until 10:59 PM EST on the last day of classes.
  5. Faculty will be encouraged to keep in-course grades current, so students have a good idea of the grade they have earned in the course by the last day of classes.
  6. Faculty will not be aware of which students in their course are taking it pass/fail.
View and Download the Emergency Pass/Fail Guidelines pdf document