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University Policies
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Section V: Student Affairs

Policy Number: V-1.00(E)

University of Maryland, College Park Resident Life Drug Policy

(Approved by the President )

Following is the complete policy as it appears in the "Community Living" handbook which is distributed to all residents on the College Park campus.

Resident Life Drug Policy

  • Possession/use of any illegal drug is prohibited.
  • Sale, distribution or provision of any illegal drug is prohibited.
  • Drug paraphernalia is prohibited.

Illegal drugs are just that--ILLEGAL. Whether off campus, in the residence halls or anywhere else on University grounds, it is unlawful to possess, use, sell, distribute or provide illegal drugs or any controlled substance.

Possession or use of any illegal drug or controlled substance by anyone in the residence halls is prohibited, as is drug paraphernalia. Students found to be involved with drugs in or around the residence halls will be referred to the Office of Rights and Responsibilities. The case will be resolved in accordance with the Office's adjudication process set forth in the Code of Student Conduct. Where applicable sanctions will address both the residence hall status and the student status of the respondent.

Violation of these rules, in all likelihood, will result in immediate housing termination and suspension/expulsion from the University. In cases in which the respondent is not deemed to be an immediate threat to the campus community, an alternate sanction of suspension withheld in conjunction with a six week substance abuse program and random drug testing (at the individual's expense) may be granted. This will still include housing termination, however. Additionally, adjudication reports are routinely forwarded to the University of Maryland Police Department when students are found to be responsible in drug cases.

The Department of Resident Life is not only concerned with the illegalities of drugs, it is equally concerned with the destructive effects of drugs on society, in general, and the individual in particular. The residence halls, by design provide a sense of community. As in any community, the action of each individual will have an impact on all of its members. Whenever drugs are brought into the residence halls, drugs become a part of the residence halls. Everyone in the community then becomes vulnerable to the discomfort that comes with forced exposure to an illegal activity and to drug related violence, theft, vandalism, and involvement of police or other authorities. As a community member you have an obligation to yourself and others to help assure a safe, drug free environment.