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University Policies
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Section V: Student Affairs

Policy Number: V-1.00(D)

University of Maryland, College Park Resident Life Alcohol Policy

(Approved by President )

Following is the complete text of the policy as it appears in the "Community Living" handbook which is distributed to all resident students on the UMCP campus.


  • Possession/use of alcohol by minors is prohibited.
  • Sale of alcohol is prohibited.
  • Kegs are prohibited.
  • Parties involving alcohol are prohibited.

Possession or use of alcohol by a minor, or sale of alcohol by anyone in the residence halls is prohibited, as are kegs. Violation of these rules may result in the responsible resident(s) receiving an administrative (housing) and/or a disciplinary (University) sanction. Serious or repeated violations could result in the responsible resident(s) having their Residence Halls Agreement terminated.

Off-campus or on-campus, the decision to drink or not to drink rests with you. As you are confronted with situations where you are asked to choose, keep in mind that the laws dictating the legal drinking age are the same on-campus as they are in a bar on Route 1- if it's illegal for you to drink off-campus, it's illegal in your residence hall, in the Union, or anywhere else on University grounds.

Space reservations approval will not be granted for group activities which involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Residents who are not of legal drinking age will, of course, not be permitted to possess or consume alcohol in any residence halls space (e.g. room, lounge, lobby, quad).

Resident Life acknowledges, however, that students of legal drinking age may choose to consume alcohol in their room, suite or apartment. If found in possession of any open container of alcohol anywhere else in or around the residence halls, ALL students will be instructed to pour it out, in the nearest appropriate receptacle.

Whether planned or spontaneous, any party involving alcohol is prohibited. In view of this policy, kegs are prohibited in any residence hall public or private space. The "no keg" policy is designed to prevent gatherings where the consumption of alcohol is the primary objective. Kegs are also banned in acknowledgement that under aged residents at such gatherings could violate State, University, and residence hall regulations by having easy access to alcoholic beverages. Staff members will be expected to "close down" events which violate any of the aforementioned policies and to refer the responsible students for judicial or administrative

action. Distinguishing the prohibited "group" events from the acceptable, small scale gatherings (for of-age residents) will be left to the judgement of the particular staff member. In all cases, residents are expected to accept staff judgements and to comply with their requests.

*Minor is defined as any person under the age of 21.