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University Policies
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Section VII: Personnel

Policy Number: VII-4.50(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy on Benefits for Graduate Assistants

(Approved by the President)

I. Remission of Tuition

Graduate assistants may receive remission of up to ten (10) credits of tuition each academic semester. As employees of the University of Maryland graduate assistants are billed at the in-state rate. As soon as the assistantship is terminated, students are billed at their original status, unless they have changed their status by petition. Stipends for graduate assistants paid from contract or grant accounts are generally adjusted to compensate for the additional financial burden imposed by the necessity for them to pay their own tuition. Graduate research assistants in the Agricultural Experiment Station who are on a 12-month appointment receive an additional four (4) credit hours tuition fees remitted in the summer.

II. Health Insurance

Graduate assistants may enroll in the university health care programs. Enrollment must be within 60 days of employment.

III. Retirement, Social Security

Retirement fees and social security are not withheld from the salaries of graduate assistants, and they are not entitled to the benefits that accrue from withholding.

IV. Credit Union

Graduate assistants may join the Credit Union for the purpose of depositing savings, but are not eligible for personal or automobile loans.

V. Vacation and Sick Leave

Graduate assistants are not eligible for vacation or sick leave credit.

VI. Facilities

Departments generally provide graduate assistants with suitable work space, laboratory space and office space, when necessary. VII. Housing Priority in graduate apartment housing is currently given to graduate assistants.

VIII. University of Maryland Club

Graduate assistants may become members of the Faculty Club at College Park.