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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-11.00(A)

University of Maryland Policy on University Funding of Employee Home Internet Access

(Approved by the President )

Whereas, internet access has become integral to the personal lives of employees and their families as the home telephone, television, and automobile, and

Whereas, it is not practical to determine objectively the extent to which home internet access is used for personal vs. employee-related purposes,

Therefore, it is the policy of UMCP that employee home internet access is not generally funded by the University. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs and may be granted in unusual circumstances for periods of up to six months at a time.

Before an exception to this policy is referred to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs for approval, the request must have been endorsed by the employee’s Department Chair or Director, Dean and Vice President.