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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-3.00(A)

University of Maryland Policy on Telephone System Usage

(Approved by the President Amended )

I. Policy

  1. The University of Maryland, College Park (hereafter “University”) telephone system provides service for conducting University business. Use of the telephone system is subject to University network policies along with this policy.
  2. The Division of Information Technology (DIT) is responsible for and operates the University’s telephone system.
  3. Personal calls of a non-emergency nature should be made using a personal device, whenever possible.
  4. Third-party calls may not be charged to a University telephone number and collect calls will not be accepted by the University.
  5. Charges will apply for international calls and some long-distance and directory-assisted calls, so discretion is encouraged when using telephone services.
  6. Abusive or inappropriate use of the telephone system shall result in disciplinary action. Individual users are responsible for any damage to the telephone system or equipment caused as a result of inappropriate use.

II. Telephone System Records

  1. A record is kept by DIT that includes the number called as well as the campus location and extension of the phone used to make the call. Summaries of calls and call details are available to department business managers.
  2. All records of telephone system usage, including the on-campus location of the phone and incoming and outgoing phone numbers, are the property of the University.

III.Telephone Number Information Services

  1. Campus telephone numbers may be obtained in the University’s Faculty/Staff Directory. For additional information, the Campus Operator may be consulted by dialing “0” from any campus phone.
  2. The Campus Operator will not provide home telephone numbers or place off-campus calls for campus callers.


  1. The voicemail system should be used for legitimate purposes only.
  2. University employees should use the system for official University business.
  3. Resident students may use the voicemail system in their residence for personal messages. Abusive messages and use that would damage or hinder the functioning of the system are prohibited.
  4. Any abuse of the voicemail system shall result in disciplinary action and reimbursement to the University for any damage caused to the system.
  5. Voicemails that are forwarded to or accessed through email are subject to the IT Standard: Institutional Email (IT-14) and may be considered “records” covered by the Maryland Public Information Act.

V. Emergency Calls

  1. Emergency calls from the University can be placed with or without the external prefix (i.e., 9-911 or 911). This applies to both on-campus devices, which route to UMPD/Public Safety, as well as devices at remote sites, which route to a local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).
  2. Location information sent to the respective PSAP includes the caller’s street address, floor level, room, and/or suite information, as provided through an integration with the E911 location service.