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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-13.00(A)

University of Maryland Policy on Lighting Levels

(Approved by the President )

I. Purpose

This policy establishes the standards for lighting levels in or on certain University buildings and grounds.

II. Applicability

The standards adopted in this policy apply to buildings and grounds constructed or renovated following the effective date of this policy. It is the responsibility of Facilities Management (FM) to implement and administer this policy.

III. Policy

  1. The lighting levels recommended by the Illuminating Engineer Society of North America (IESNA) shall be the established lighting standards. Examples of current IESNA lighting levels include:
    1. offices, classrooms, and laboratories: 30-50 foot candles (depending on specific work tasks) on desk and table tops;
    2. hallways: 5-8 foot candles;
    3. stairwells: 5-8 foot candles;
    4. restrooms: 5-8 foot candles.
  2. The IESNA lighting level recommendations (as revised from time-totime) shall be written into the Design Criteria Facilities Standards (DCFS) for the University.
  3. To achieve the desired lighting levels, the University will employ the most energy efficient technology available.
  4. FM will work to balance occupant needs with the energy conservation objectives of the IESNA standards.
  5. To advance the University=s Climate Commitment, building occupants are strongly discouraged from adding supplemental lighting to attain lighting levels above the IESNA standard.
  6. If a building occupant believes the level of lighting is less than the IESNA standard, FM Work Control will measure the level and take such remedial action as appropriate.
  7. FM will develop procedures to accept, evaluate, and, where in its judgment necessary or beneficial, accommodate exceptions to the IESNA standard.

IV. Effective Date

The effective date of this policy is February 25, 2010.