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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-12.00(A)

University of Maryland Policy on Building Temperature

(Approved by the President )

I. Purpose

This policy establishes the optimal temperature range in University facilities.

II. Applicability

The temperature range adopted in this policy applies to all facilities where the temperature can reasonably be controlled. It is the responsibility for Facilities Management (FM) to implement and administer this policy.

III. Policy

  1. It is the goal of the University to maintain occupied buildings in the temperature range of 68° to 78° Fahrenheit year round. Within this temperature range, FM will balance occupant comfort and program/research needs with the University’s Climate Commitment and energy conservation goals.
    1. On a building-by-building basis, depending on the nature and use of the facility the temperature may deviate from this range when the University is not open (e.g., during holidays or inclement weather closings) and during non-work hours.
    2. Recognizing the wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on Campus and the engineering difficulties associated with heating and cooling older buildings, uniform temperature in a facility may be neither attainable, nor desirable. The goal shall be to ensure that all spaces on the same thermostat fall within the temperature range.
  2. If building temperatures remain outside the established temperature range for a sustained period, occupants should contact FM Work Control. If FM is unable to achieve a temperature within the proper range by adjusting the building’s HVAC systems, it will work with the occupants to find an alternate solution.
  3. The use of space heaters by occupants is prohibited unless authorized or provided by FM. Space heaters damage building electrical systems and pose a safety hazard.

IV. Effective Date

The effective date of this policy is February 25, 2010.