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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-2.00(A)

University of Maryland Policy Concerning University Mail

(Approved by the President Amended Amended )

I. Policy

University mail services are provided by the State through funds appropriated to the University and, as such, serve the University community for official use only. Incoming or outgoing mail will be processed by the University’s Mail Services unit only when it relates to official University business. The use of University mail services for personal purposes is expressly forbidden.

Mail Services employees will apply postage to mail addressed to non-campus locations by postage meter for delivery by the U.S. Postal Service. Postage stamps may be purchased by University departments using the University Purchasing Card when special circumstances dictate their use. Metered postage, postage stamps, and accountable mail services (e.g., Registered Mail™, Certified Mail™, and insured mail) purchased using University funds may only be used for official University business and must not be used for personal mail

II. Procedures

  1. Inter-departmental (i.e., brown or kraft) envelopes should be used for on-campus mail.
  2. The address for all mail originating on-campus to be delivered to an on-campus address (except resident student addresses) should consist of the following:
    • Name
    • Department, ZIP-xxxx
    • Campus
  3. Four-digit add-on codes (ZIP+4® Codes) are assigned by the Department of Business Services based on mail delivery sites for each campus department. The four-digit add-on code should be used when addressing on-campus mail, and the ZIP+4® Code should be used on stationery and as a return address. The four-digit codes are included in the Faculty/Staff Directory and are also available on the Department of Business Services Website.
  4. Mail being sent to on-campus addresses must be separated from mail being sent to non-campus addresses and should be placed in a separate mailbox or receptacle for pickup. All non-campus mail must be separated into domestic and international mail bundles, and the appropriate Departmental Mail Service Charge Card must be attached to the separately bundled domestic or international mail. Mail should be fastened by rubber band.
  5. Accountable mail (e.g., Registered Mail™, Certified Mail™, and insured mail) should always be separated from other mail that is to be picked up by the mail carrier. The originator of the mail piece must mark clearly and prominently on the front of the envelope or package the words "Registered", "Insured", or "Certified". If a receipt is desired from the recipient, the originator should also mark "Return Receipt Requested" on the face of the envelope or package and complete the appropriate form.
  6. Large mailings to departments on campus must be bundled separately by department. Large mailings to students residing on campus should be bundled separately by residence hall before pickup by Mail Services. This is necessary to ensure the timely delivery of mail. Mail Services should be contacted in advance for large mailings or special pickups.
  7. All incoming accountable mail received from the U.S. Postal Service by Mail Services is logged into the Accountable Mail Receipt Book by a Mail Services employee. Upon delivery by the mail carrier, the departmental recipient of Registered Mail™, Certified Mail™, or insured mail is required to sign the Accountable Mail Receipt Book to acknowledge receipt. It is the responsibility of the departmental recipient to ensure that the addressee named on the accountable mail receives the mail piece.