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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-3.06(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy on University Funded Cellular Telephones and Service

(Effective )


The purpose of this policy is to establish a University of Maryland, College Park policy regarding the purchase, issuance and use of University issued and funded cellular telephones.

Policy Statement

University issued and funded cellular telephones are provided to facilitate the effective and efficient performance of University of Maryland at College Park official business. Departmental directors and unit heads are responsible for establishing the appropriate internal procedures to ensure compliance with this policy within their respective areas of responsibility.


  • Departmental chairs/directors or their designee(s) shall approve the purchase and issuance of each cellular telephone.
  • Cellular telephones shall be assigned for business purposes only.
  • Cellular telephone calling plans shall be selected based upon the lowest cost plan that meets the individual business needs of the unit. Calling plans should be selected from the established University Master Contracts except when business needs justify the use of an alternate vendor. Calling plans are to be evaluated and selected per cellular telephone so as to best match the calling patterns associated with employee responsibilities.
  • A review of cellular telephone usage and plans shall be conducted annually, at minimum. Each Chair/Director shall designate a responsible person within the unit to conduct the review. If indicated, changes in service plans and assignment of cellular telephones shall be made following this review.
  • Personal calls should normally not be made or received on a University funded cellular telephone. If the cellular telephone is used for personal use, the employee shall reimburse the University for that use. Preferably, an employee may, in consultation and agreement with their department, determine the percentage of personal usage of the cellular telephone and reimburse the University for the cost on either a monthly or annual basis. As an alternative, many plans have the ability to add a second line, billed separately to the individual for personal use.
  • Cellular telephones are to be utilized in a responsible and safe manner; conforming to network etiquette, customs, courtesies, safety practices and any or all applicable laws or regulations. Abusive or inappropriate use of University funded cellular telephones may result in disciplinary action.
  • Cellular telephones should not be used for University business when standard University-provided telephone service is readily accessible. A cellular phone may be used when the cost of the landline use exceeds the cost of cell phone use.
  • Cellular telephones must be secured at all times. All losses shall be reported no later than the next business day.
  • Employees may be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged University-owned cellular telephone equipment.
  • The cost of additional services, including “Operator assisted” calls, such as person-to-person, credit card calls, and directory assistance (411), and “downloads” from a University provided cellular telephone except for other than business use must be reimbursed to the University.
  • All records of University funded cellular telephone purchase, issuance, and usage are the property of the University of Maryland at College Park. Such records may be provided to the appropriate authorities when there is suspicion of wrongdoing. Records may also be provided upon request in personnel actions to appropriate University officials.
  • Upon separation from the University, employees must return all University issued cellular equipment.
  • Individuals found in violation of this policy will be billed for costs related to personal use of cell phones and will be expected to reimburse the University. Continuing abuse of the policy may lead to disciplinary actions.