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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-9.00(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy Concerning the Funding of Memberships in Professional and Academic Associations

(Approved by the President Revised )


It is the policy of UMCP to encourage institutional/departmental memberships in professional and academic organizations where funds are available. Memberships shall be vested in the institution, not in an individual member of the faculty, staff, or administration. Memberships shall remain with the University, with the University having the option of changing its designated association representative(s).

Individual memberships, i.e., those vested in the individual and not transferable when the individual leaves the institution, are not generally funded by the University unless the funding comes from DRIF funds and does not exceed two memberships annually per person, or is approved by a sponsor for funding in a contract or grant award.

Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, and should be granted under the following circumstances:

  1. In cases where the association, by definition of its bylaws, does not have institutional or group memberships, and it is deemed to be in the best interest of the University to be represented.
  2. In cases where an association offers both institutional and individual memberships, and the difference in cost between individual and institutional membership is large enough to warrant representation of the University through an individual membership, and it is deemed to be in the best interest of the University to be represented.