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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-3.03(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy and Procedures Concerning the Acquisition of Telecommunication Services and Equipment


I. Policy

It is the policy of UMCP that all acquisition by purchase, lease or rental of voice communications equipment must have the prior review and endorsement of Telecommunication Services, Department of Communication Services. Telecommunication Services has such procurement approval for all telecommunications equipment including, but not limited to, telephones, modems, and facsimile machines, radios, pagers, satellite up and down links, microwave equipment, etc. whether or not such machines or equipment interface with the existing telephone system. All frequencies as assigned by the FCC are the property of the University and are held by the Department of Communication Services.

Proper functioning of the telephone system is integral to the efficient operation of every aspect of UMCP. This operation is the responsibility of Telecommunication Services. In order to protect the system and its users, any unauthorized equipment or wiring which interfaces with the UMCP telephone system shall be removed immediately by Telecommunication Services at the sole risk and expense of the owner of the unauthorized equipment. Any damage to the system shall be reimbursed by the owner of the unauthorized equipment.

II. Acquisition Procedures for On-Campus Users

  1. Telecommunication Services shall review all proposed acquisitions from the standpoint of compatibility with existing equipment and systems, service ability, cost, durability, practicality, and other factors.
  2. Moves, changes, additions and deletions shall be performed by Telecommunication Services or authorized vendors. Anyone making unauthorized moves and changes which result in damage to equipment or disruption of service shall be charged the repair fee to correct the damage.
  3. Departments requesting services or equipment must complete the Telecommunication Voice Service Equipment Request Form and forward it to Telecommunication Services. Additional procedures and information concerning the completion of the form are found in the Campus Form Book.

III. Acquisition Procedures for Non-University Users

  1. A non-University entity wishing to be connected to the University by telephone must work with a University department to coordinate its needs through that department. Telecommunication Services may not connect any telephone lines or equipment without a request from a University department. The University department accepts financial responsibility for the line and equipment.
  2. Once agreement is reached with a University department, the non-University entity should contact the telephone company for services to be brought to the Communication Services Building. Telecommunication Services will proceed with the connection to a building on-campus once a request is filed by a department.