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University Policies
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Section X: Miscellaneous Policies

Policy Number: X-4.00(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy and Procedures Concerning Approved Receiving Points


I. Policy

It is the policy of UMCP that all items purchased must enter the campus through approved receiving points. Limiting the number of receiving points reduces vehicular traffic on campus and provides a more efficient system for payment of invoices and damage and loss control. The "Ship To" address on all University Purchase Orders and phone in orders must be completed in accordance with the correct approved receiving point.

II. Approved Receiving Points

  1. Central Receiving Physical Distribution Center    For receipt and distribution of all items not otherwise specified below, including items ordered and small procurement orders.
  2. Ordering Department
    1. Assemble and install deliveries
    2. Furnishings for new or newly renovated buildings
    3. Hazardous materials (except radioactive)
    4. Periodicals, publications, journals, etc.(postal delivery)
    5. Perishables/live animals
    6. Unique circumstances and radioactive materials as determined and approved by the Department of Procurement and Supply
  3. Byrd Stadium Equipment RoomFor intercollegiate athletic equipment and supplies.
  4. Chemistry Building  For all items ordered by Chemistry and Biochemistry and all tax-free alcohol.
  5. Hornbake Library For all library acquisitions.
  6. Motor Transportation Facility For all vehicles, fuel and automotive repair parts and supplies.
  7. Physical Plant Material Control Warehouse For all items ordered by Physical Plant
  8. South Campus Dining HallFor all items ordered by Dining Service.
  9. Stamp UnionFor resale items ordered by the Stamp Union..
  10. University Book StoreFor resale items ordered by the Book Store.

III. Responsibilities of Managers of Receiving Points

The managers of approved receiving points must:

  1. Establish a formal receiving process tailored to the unit and approved by the Director of Procurement and Supply. The nature of the receiving process is dictated by the volume of goods received directly from vendors.
  2. Establish separation of responsibilities such that individuals assigned receiving responsibility must not have authority to sign orders or to approve invoices for payment.
  3. Maintain an audit trail or record of goods ordered, goods received and their final disposition to the end user. The audit records must include:
    1. a copy of a properly approved Purchase Order;
    2. copies of the vendor's packing list and shipping documents, signed and dated by the receiving unit to evidence initial acceptance of goods; and
    3. a copy of completed and signed receiving report for goods to evidence date and quantity received.
  4. Establish a procedure to ensure that substitutes, overages, shortages and or damaged goods are promptly reported.
  5. Provide for secure handling and storage until goods are delivered to or picked up by the end user.
  6. Provide sufficient documentation to employees who are authorized to approve invoices so that a comparison of the receiving report and invoice can be achieved.
  7. Complete and forward in a timely manner, a formal receiving report to the appropriate departmental or campus unit responsible for processing invoice payment.
  8. Verify periodically that these procedures are understood and being followed by responsible employees.