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University Policies
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Section VI: General Administration

Policy Number: VI-8.10(A)

University of Maryland Policy on Smoking

(Approved by the President amended )

I. Purpose and Scope

  1. Purpose. This policy establishes standards and requirements to provide a smoke-free environment for all UMD faculty, staff, students, and visitors, in compliance with the Board of Regents Policy on Smoking at USM Institutions (VI-8.10). 
  2. Scope. This policy applies to all UMD students, faculty, staff, contractors and employees of contractors providing services at UMD, agents, guests, and visitors.

II. Definitions

  1. “Institutional Property” means any property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled or operated by UMD, including buildings, other structures and grounds, and vehicles owned or leased by the institution. 
  2. “Smoking” includes:
    1. inhaling, exhaling, or carrying lighted tobacco products; and 
    2. burning, vaporizing, or aerosolizing tobacco, nicotine, or any other material or substance to be inhaled.

III.Prohibitions on Institution Property

  1. Prohibitions against Smoking 
    1. Consistent with Maryland law, Smoking is not permitted in any institution building, including academic buildings, residence halls, administrative buildings, other enclosed facilities, or vehicles, except as provided in Section III.A.3, below. 
    2. Smoking is prohibited on all institution grounds and property, including walkways, parking lots, and recreational and athletic areas, except as provided in Section III.A.3, below. 
    3. Smoking in and on Institutional Property will be permitted only as follows: 
      1. For controlled research, and educational, theatrical, or religious ceremonial purposes, with prior approval of the President or the President’s designee;
      2. In limited and specifically designated areas on Institutional Property as may be approved by the President; or 
      3. Subject to any other exception to this policy recommended by the President and approved by the Chancellor. 
  2. Prohibitions against Sale. The sale of tobacco and smoking-related products is prohibited on Institutional Property.

IV. Smoking Cessation Assistance

  1. Assistance Programs. The University Health Center shall make available smoking cessation assistance to students, faculty, and staff, which may include opportunities to participate in smoking cessation seminars, classes, and counseling and the availability of smoking cessation products and materials.
  2. Smoking Cessation Information. The University Health Center shall be designated to answer questions, refer students and employees to on-campus and outside resources, and otherwise provide information about smoking cessation assistance options and opportunities.

V. Implementation Process

  1. This policy shall be administered by the Division of Administration and Finance. 
  2. Communication. The University shall provide initial and ongoing information to communicate the requirements of this policy, including: 
    1. Dissemination of the key elements of the policy to faculty, staff, students, and others on websites and in appropriate written materials; and
    2. The placement of exterior and interior notices and signs announcing that Smoking is prohibited. 
  3. Community Outreach. The University will engage in outreach to the community, as appropriate, to facilitate coordination with local government authorities and to assist residents and businesses near the institution in preventing trespass and littering that may result if members of the campus community seek to smoke in nearby off-campus areas. 
  4. Consequences. The University may establish appropriate procedures and consequences, which may include fines or disciplinary measures, for violations of this policy.