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University Policies
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Section VI: General Administration

Policy Number: VI-27.00(A)

University of Maryland Policy on Access to Campus-based Privileges

(Approved by the President )

Effective January 1, 2007, each University of Maryland College Park employee may designate one qualified person in addition to himself or herself who shall be eligible for Campus-based privileges in accordance with the following rules. Campus-based privileges are defined in Paragraph 7, below.

  1. To be qualified for designation as a person eligible to receive Campus-based privileges, an individual must be at least 18 years old, reside continuously with the employee, and not be in a landlord-tenant relationship with the employee. A person is qualified only so long as he or she continues to reside with the employee. Examples of such individuals include spouses, domestic partners, and adult children of employees. 
  2. Employee shall mean: 
    1. Regular University of Maryland College Park employees (faculty, exempt and non-exempt staff); 
    2. Contingent II staff whose contract specifically grants Campus-based benefits; and 
  3. Each employee who wishes a qualified person to be eligible for Campus-based privileges must register the name, age, and address with the Department of University Human Resources, together with such other information as may be requested by the Department. 
  4. The designated person will have access to the same Campus-based privileges as those for which the employee is eligible, taking into consideration the employee’s category employment and, for Contingent II personnel, the scope of the individual’s contracted privileges. 
  5. An employee may designate only one person, regardless of the number or nature of the privileges to be enjoyed. The designation shall remain in place until the designation is withdrawn by the employee. This is done by written notice to the Department of University Human Resources. An employee shall withdraw the designation when the person is no longer qualified to receive Campus-based privileges (for example, when the person has ceased residing with the employee). 
  6. The opportunity to designate another individual for Campus-based privileges is an advantage extended to University employees as an incident of their continued employment. It shall confer no rights on the designee. Unless sooner terminated, the designated person’s eligibility shall cease at such time as the employee is no longer personally eligible for Campus-based privileges.
  7. Access to the University and to each of the programs, facilities, and services comprising Campus-based privileges is conditioned on availability and shall be subject to the same regulations and specific limitations, qualifications, and fees as applicable to the designating employee. As new programs and services become available, departments are encouraged to provide access to privileges where feasible and applicable. 
  8. The Campus-based privileges for which a qualified designated person may currently be granted access are: 
    1. Use of University libraries 
    2. Access to University Health Center Services (Note: Health Care plans are State of Maryland programs and not Campus-based programs.) 
    3. Access to Counseling Center 
    4. Access to the Campus Recreation Center at the sponsored membership rate 
    5. Access to services of the Center for Young Children for children of the employee and the designated individual f. Access to University Golf Course at the faculty/staff membership rate. 
  9. The Department of University Human Resources shall maintain the currency and accuracy of privileges available to designated individuals and will be responsible for communicating available privileges to University faculty and staff. Staff shall be informed about the initiation of this Campus program.