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University Policies
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Section VI: General Administration

Policy Number: VI-1.05(B)

University of Maryland Policy Concerning Name, Sex, Gender, and Other Personal Identity Information in University Records

(Approved by the President )

I. Purpose

The University of Maryland recognizes that name and gender identity are central to most individuals’ sense of self and well-being, and that it is important for the University to establish mechanisms to acknowledge and support individuals’ self-identification. With this in mind, the University of Maryland establishes the following policy on the use of names, sex and gender identity markers, and honorifics or titles recorded for all members of the University community (students, active or retired faculty and staff, and alumni).

II. Policy

It is the policy of the University of Maryland that, to the extent allowable under applicable law, all members of the University community should be in control of their own personal identity information. Important attributes of identity that are recorded in University records may include name, sex, gender identity, personal pronouns, and honorifics or titles. University recordkeeping and information dissemination systems shall be designed, whenever practicable, to facilitate the individual’s control over their own identity information. 

The University shall not assign sex, honorific, or title based on name, and no identity marker will be assigned or chosen based on another marker. 

The University shall provide notice of the intended purpose and use of the sex and gender identity information it collects.

III. Procedures

The University shall establish and supervise mechanisms for changing personal identity information, for reviewing and updating these mechanisms as necessary, and for informing any individual whose requested change is denied.

IV. Appeals

The University shall identify an appeals process to follow if a requested change is denied, and to address any violations of this policy.


Posted as Policy VI-1.05(A) until November 2018.