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University Policies
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Section VI: General Administration

Policy Number: VI-8.00(D)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy on Alcohol-Related Advertising, Promotions, or Events

(Approved by the President )


The University of Maryland at College Park is committed to educating its students, faculty and staff regarding the legal and responsible use of alcoholic beverages. Consistent with this commitment, the University will not purchase advertising or sponsor an event which, in its judgment, may encourage underage drinking or alcohol abuse.


To ensure compliance with this policy, the President (or designee) shall review and approve in advance proposals by any University department or unit to:

  1. purchase or sponsor advertising which in whole or part features, pictures, or describes alcoholic beverages;
  2. host or sponsor events which promote in whole or part the sale of alcoholic beverages;
  3. use or lease University property for any such advertising or event.

University funds (including student activity fees and other University funds allocated to student organizations) and the University's name, trademarks, and logos shall not be used for any of the above described purposes without the prior written approval of the President (or designee).