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University Policies
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Section VI: General Administration

Policy Number: VI-9.00(B)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy for Medical Parking Permit Requests

(Approved by the President )

I. Policy

Exceptions to normal College Park Campus parking regulations shall be considered individually for reasons of medical disability and off-campus medical appointments. Claims of medical disability have been flagrantly abused in the past. The most important consideration is that there are enough medical parking spaces for seriously ill and disabled students. Every case is considered individually.

II. Procedures

  1. Students claiming special medical parking needs shall be seen on a walk-in basis or by appointment at the Health Center. Employees requesting medical parking are seen by appointment.
  2. Documentation Required From Physician
    1. Exact diagnosis
    2. Clear statement on limitation of activity e.g., stairs, distances
    3. Date of last visit, date of next scheduled appointment, and frequency of appointments to treat this condition
    4. Reports of pertinent testing results
    5. Prognosis-estimated period of recovery
    6. Recommendations about further treatment or rehabilitation
  3. Disabled Shuttle Service If a case is denied, but some intermittent type of disability exists, every effort will be made to arrange Disabled Shuttle Service for the period of time an individual is symptomatic.
  4. All Vehicles must be registered with the Department of Campus Parking before a medical permit will be issued. Under no circumstances shall the Campus Parking Office issue a medical permit authorizing parking at meters without paying or in medical/handicapped spaces.
  5. The Department of Campus Parking has additional information and necessary forms for applying for disabled persons identification through the State of Maryland and the requirements in most of the contiguous states.