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University Policies
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Section VI: General Administration

Policy Number: VI-4.10(B)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy for Medical Care for Campus Affiliated Programs

(Approved by the President )

I. Policy

Medical services are provided by the Health Center staff to participants of special programs sponsored by the various campus departments. Examples of these are Athletic Summer Camps, Academic Programs for the Aged, and Academic Programs for Talented and Gifted Students.

II. Procedures

The Health Center is provided a calendar of summer programs by Campus Guest Services. Each program coordinator is advised of services available at the Health Center, professional staff coverage, clinical hours and fees for various services. The Health Center is advised of campus affiliated programs.

A written parental permission is required when medical services are provided for legally minor students. Whenever applicable to a program, the coordinator of that program is responsible for obtaining the written parental permission prior to the arrival of the participant. These forms are forwarded to the Medical Records Department of the Health Center.

Bills are processed for those participants whose fees are covered/not covered by the program.