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University Policies
Back to Policy Section VIII: Fiscal and Business Affairs
Section VIII: Fiscal and Business Affairs

Policy Number: VIII-7.10(A)

University of Maryland Procedures on Reporting Suspected or Known Fiscal Irregularities

(Approved by the President technical amendment )

I. Responsible Officer

The Vice President for Administration and Finance is the institutional official responsible for determining the appropriate course of action when there is a report of suspected fiscal irregularities.

II. Fiscal Irregularities

Fiscal irregularities include, but are not limited to: embezzlement; theft; falsification of documents; financial conflicts of interest; and misuse of University property.

III. Procedures

  1. Reporting and notificationAny known or suspected fiscal irregularities shall be reported immediately either to the University Vice President for Administration and Finance or the System Internal Audit Office. The officer or office receiving the report shall immediately notify those others as may be specified in University System of Maryland policy VIII-7.10 and as necessary to initiate an investigation.
  2. InvestigationThe Vice President for Administration and Finance shall determine the appropriate means for investigation in consultation, as the Vice President deems appropriate, with the System Internal Audit Office, the University Office of General Counsel, and the University Chief of Police. The Vice President shall inform the President and others who may need to know about the investigation. Federal requirements shall be followed if the misconduct involves federal grant funds.
  3. ResolutionUpon completion of the investigation, the Vice President for Administration and Finance shall report the results of the investigation and shall make a recommendation for resolution to the President. The President shall consult with others regarding the resolution and report the resolution as may be required by System Policy VIII-7.10.

IV.Confidentiality; no retaliation

Every effort, consistent with law, shall be made to protect the confidentiality of any person reporting suspected fiscal irregularities. Retaliation of any kind against a person making a report in good faith shall not be tolerated.