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Section VIII: Fiscal and Business Affairs

Policy Number: VIII-1.21(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Procedures for Lost or Abandoned Currency or Tangible Personal Property on University


1. Responsible Department

The University of Maryland Police Department is responsible for the collection and safekeeping of lost or abandoned property on UMCP property. Within the Police Department, the Commander of the Administrative Services Unit is responsible for the property management function.

Whenever the University of Maryland Police takes custody of property, the department assumes responsibility for the proper handling, storage, and disposition of that property. An employee of the Police Department who has physical custody of any item of property is responsible and accountable for that property while it is in his/her custody.

2. Procedures

1. Custodian

The Departmental Logistics Officer shall be designated as the Property Custodian, and is responsible and accountable for control of all property accepted by the Police Department.

2. Accounting

1. Inventory Whenever a new Property Custodian is appointed on orders, a complete inventory conducted by the new and outgoing Property Custodians shall be held.

Partial inventories shall be conducted monthly by the Commander of the Administrative Services Unit.

3. Security and Storage

All property held by the Police Department shall be stored in the Property Room. Only personnel having property management responsibilities shall have authorized access to the Property Room. All property in the custody of a member of the Police Department shall be turned over to the Property Custodian, except in the case of found property returned to the rightful owner during the officer's shift.

4. Property Records

The Property Custodian shall maintain a property records system which reflects the location of the property; the date and time received or released; the character, type and amount of the property; the chain of custody of the property; and the dates and results of the inventories of property held by the Department.

5. Disposal of Property

Lost or abandoned personal property shall be held for a period of one year during which the owner may file a claim with the Police Department to recover the property. The validity of the claim shall be determined by the Property Custodian.

An individual finding lost or abandoned property has a priority claim, and shall be notified that the claim must be exercised within thirty days after the one year holding period. The Property Custodian shall be responsible for serving such notice where the identity of the person finding such property is known. A written record of notice shall be maintained.

Unclaimed lost or abandoned personal property may, at the discretion of the Property Custodian, and with the approval of the Commander of the Administrative Services Unit, be disposed of after one year and thirty days.

Proceeds from the disposal of lost or abandoned property shall be deposited in the UMCP General Fund Account.