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Section II: Faculty

Policy Number: II-1.00(G)

University of Maryland Policy on Professional Track Faculty

(Approved by the President technical amendment )

I. Purpose and Scope

This policy establishes a generic title of Professional Track Faculty for faculty ranks that are not eligible for an award of tenure or permanent status. The new designation will facilitate the development and implementation of policies for Professional Track Faculty with respect to appointment, promotion, and representation in shared governance. 

II. Applicability

  1. The generic title of Professional Track Faculty applies to the specific faculty ranks in  each faculty rank series as set forth below: 
    1. Instructional faculty series: Junior Lecturers, Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and  Principal Lecturers;
    2. Artists-in-Residence series: Assistant Artists-in-Residence, Associate Artists-in-Residence, and Artists-in-Residence; 
    3. Clinical faculty series: Assistant Clinical Professors, Associate Clinical Professors,  and Clinical Professors; 
    4. Research Professor series: Assistant Research Professors, Associate Research  Professors, and Research Professors; 
    5. Research Scientist series: Assistant Research Scientists, Associate Research  Scientists, and Research Scientists;
    6. Research Scholar series: Assistant Research Scholars, Associate Research Scholars,  and Research Scholars; 
    7. Research Engineer series: Assistant Research Engineers, Associate Research  Engineers, and Research Engineers; 
    8. Faculty Specialist series: Faculty Specialists, Senior Faculty Specialists, and  Principal Faculty Specialists; 
    9. Agent Associate series: Agent Associates, Senior Agent Associates, and Principal  Agent Associates; 
    10. Faculty Assistants 
    11. Post-Doctoral ranks: Post-Doctoral Scholars and Post-Doctoral Associates 
  2. Definitions of the faculty ranks listed above appear in II-1.00(A) University of Maryland  Policy on Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure of Faculty.  

Note: The term Professional Track Faculty is intended to apply to all former references to non-tenure track faculty in University policy. The following existing University and University System of Maryland policies applicable to non-tenure track faculty shall continue to apply to professional track faculty, according to the applicability defined in each policy: II-1.00(F) University of Maryland Policy on Full-Time and Part-Time Professional Track Instructional Faculty; II-1.05 Policy on the Employment of Full- Time, Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty in the University System of Maryland; and II-1.06 Policy on the Employment of Part-Time, Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty in the University System of Maryland.