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Section II: Faculty

Policy Number: II-1.00(F)

University of Maryland Policy on Full-Time and Part-Time Professional Track Instructional Faculty

(Approved by the President Technical Amendments Interim Amendments approved by the President Approved by the President Technical Amendments approved by the President Amended )

This policy applies to faculty employed to provide instructional services who (1) have salaried appointments of 50% FTE or greater and (2) are neither tenured nor eligible for tenure. This policy does not apply to adjunct faculty as defined by the University of Maryland Policy on the  Employment of Adjunct Faculty (II-1.07[A]). Instructional faculty who are: (1) neither tenured nor eligible for tenure and (2) are either compensated on a course-by-course basis or on salaried appointments at less than 50% are covered by the University of Maryland Policy on the Employment of Adjunct Faculty (II-1.07[A]). 


  1. Credentials: Each department or unit shall develop written standards for the academic degrees or professional certifications and/or professional experience required for appointment to part-time professional track (PTPT) and full-time professional track instructional faculty (FTPT) ranks. These standards should be appropriate for the needed instructional level. 
  2. Search Procedures: Hiring of PTPT and FTPT faculty members should be conducted under procedures that will ensure the selection of qualified professionals. Each department or unit shall develop written procedures for evaluating credentials and selecting faculty. 
  3. Written Contracts: All FTPT and PTPT faculty members shall be provided with clear written and approved contracts prior to the beginning of their assignment. The contract shall stipulate the term of the contract, the salary, assignments and expectations, expected notification about renewal or nonrenewal, resources, and performance-evaluation policies and procedures. 
  4. Support for Teaching: In the best interest of students, all FTPT and PTPT instructional faculty members should be provided with the necessary and appropriate department or unit support for the execution of their duties. These resources should conform to departmental practices with respect to assistance in ordering books, duplication of class syllabi and examination questions, provision of teaching supplies. Care should be taken to ensure that students can have access to FTPT and PTPT faculty members through mailboxes, appropriate spaces for meeting students, electronic mail, telephones, etc.  Where appropriate and feasible, and with the agreement of the department faculty, the professional development of FTPT and PTPT faculty members should be supported. This may include extending invitations to departmental and institutional faculty development events. 
  5. Performance Evaluation: Each department shall have written procedures for evaluating  FTPT and PTPT faculty performance on a regular schedule, as required by BOR Policy  II-1.20. Evaluations shall be kept on record in a personnel file and shall be consulted  when decisions are made about rank, salary, and contract renewal. FTPT and PTPT  faculty members shall have the opportunity to review each evaluation and sign off on it.


  1. Term of Employment: Normally, initial contracts for FTPT instructional faculty should be for one academic year, and initial contracts for PTPT instructional faculty should be for a period of one semester. Departments are encouraged to offer two or three year contracts to FTPT faculty members with records of long-term satisfactory service verified by written evaluations of performance and to offer longer-term contracts, not to exceed three years, to PTPT instructional faculty in cases of demonstrated departmental need. 
  2. Notice of Non-Renewal: FTPT instructional faculty should receive adequate notice of non-renewal of contracts as specified in the University System Policy on Appointment, Rank, and Tenure of Faculty (II-1.00, section 1.C.12). PTPT instructional faculty should receive at least 30 days of notice of non-renewal prior to the end of a current contract. Any PTPT or FTPT instructional faculty member whose contract is not renewed should be informed in writing of a reason for the decision not to renew. The faculty member has the right to appeal the decision consistent with the institution’s faculty grievance policy and procedures. 
  3. Faculty Grievance: Departments shall inform PTPT and FTPT instructional faculty members that they have full access to the faculty grievance procedure. Grievances may include the non-renewal of a contract.
  4. Teaching Assignment: Whenever possible, departments should provide notice of projected teaching assignment(s) at least 45 days prior to the start of classes to allow for appropriate preparation. In addition, all contracts should specify the consequences of the class being cancelled prior to the start of classes. 


  1. Faculty Participation: Each department or unit should make every effort to integrate  FTPT and PTPT faculty members into the scholarly, intellectual and academic life of the department or unit, and institution. Departments are encouraged to have policies aimed toward this integration. 
  2. Shared Governance: All FTPT and PTPT faculty should be informed of the procedures and calendar for the election of their representatives in the University Senate. 
  3. Ranks: The University should confer appropriate, professional track instructional faculty ranks commensurate with credentials and professional experience. For long-term PTPT  and FTPT instructional faculty, academic units should consider the development of procedures for progression in rank.