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Section II: Faculty

Policy Number: II-1.00(D)

University of Maryland Policy on Extension of Time for Tenure Review Due to Personal and Professional Circumstances

(Approved by the President Amended Amended Amended Amended )

Terminological Note: In the provisions below, the term “Chair” refers to the administrator of the  first level of review of a faculty person’s request for an extension. In non-departmentalized  Colleges and Schools, this will be the Dean. 

I. Policy

  1. Eligibility for a Delay 
    1. Any faculty member may request an extension of time for tenure consideration  based on personal or professional circumstances. Personal circumstances are  individual or family situations that substantially impede normal professional  development of the faculty member. Professional circumstances are individual,  unit level, or facility related situations that are beyond the control of the faculty  member and substantially impede normal professional development of the faculty  member or may be related to an approved Leave Without Pay (LWOP). The  University will normally grant up to two one-year extensions, each tied to a  different initiating event. Such a request shall be made no later than the end of the  Spring semester prior to the year in which the individual is slated to be reviewed. 
    2. The following shall be considered a nonexclusive list of personal circumstances  that might support such a request: 
      1. The assumption of parenting responsibilities through childbirth, adoption,  foster care, or legal guardianship; 
      2. Personal illness or injury; 
      3. Care of ill or injured dependents, including children, relatives, or any other  persons who are dependent on the applicant for care; or 
      4. Death of a spouse, family member, or other closely affiliated person. 
    3. If the extension is granted, an appropriate indication shall be placed in the applicant’s University personnel file and a notification will be sent by the Office of Faculty Affairs, to the faculty member, the Chair, and the Dean. Appropriate adjustments shall be made to the contract review timetable. All documentation regarding the rationale for the request shall be kept confidential and maintained in a file separate from the faculty member’s official institutional personnel file. This confidential file may be accessed by and must be released to the applicant upon request. 
    4. No person shall be discriminated against in any promotion and tenure proceedings for seeking or obtaining an extension under this provision. 
    5. Any faculty member who feels an extension request has been denied inappropriately may bring the case to the attention of the Faculty Ombuds Officer or appeal the decision in accordance with the University of Maryland Policies and  Procedures Governing Faculty Grievances (II-4.00[A]). 
  2.  Procedures for Obtaining a Delay due to the Assumption of Parenting Responsibilities 
    1. The procedures for obtaining an extension for the assumption of parenting responsibilities differ from the procedures for obtaining an extension for other causes. Any tenure-track faculty member who becomes the parent of a child by birth, adoption, foster care, or legal guardianship will automatically be granted a  one-year extension of the deadline for tenure review by the Senior Vice President and Provost, upon mandatory written notification by the faculty member’s department. A second automatic extension for the addition of another child to the family will be granted as long as the total number of all extensions does not exceed two. 
    2. Normally, the process of securing tenure delay should be initiated within a month of the expected arrival of the child. After having been given notice by the faculty member of the child’s expected arrival, it is the Chair’s responsibility to initiate the formal process. For purposes of record keeping, the Chair shall inform the  Dean, Senior Vice President and Provost, and the Office of Faculty Affairs of the extension and the reasons for granting the extension. The Office of Faculty  Affairs will send a written acknowledgment of receipt of notification to the faculty member, the Chair, and the Dean, and ensure that an appropriate indication is placed in the applicant’s University personnel file. 
    3. Although the extension of the deadline for review is automatic, faculty members have the option at any time to be reviewed earlier and obtaining the delay shall be considered normal progress in the promotion process. 
  3.  Other Personal or Professional Circumstances 
    1. Tenure-track faculty may request a one-year extension of time for tenure consideration based on personal circumstances such as those listed in Section  I.A.2of this Policy or professional circumstances such as a LWOP. 
    2. To do so, the faculty member must make a request for an extension in writing to the Chair. The request for an extension and the rationale for the request shall be treated confidentially. Only the granting of an extension shall be made public. 
    3. The Chair may ask for suitable supporting material from the applicant indicating the personal or professional circumstance and how the professional development is substantially impeded or information on the approved LWOP, and shall afford the applicant an opportunity for a personal discussion of the extension request. In deciding to recommend the request for a tenure delay, the Chair may take into account the time elapsed since the event under consideration, but the applicant shall not be denied an extension for having attempted to maintain progress towards tenure despite hindering personal or professional circumstances. 
    4. The Chair shall forward the request with their recommendation to the Dean, who shall forward the material with their recommendation to the Senior Vice President and Provost for final approval.