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University Policies
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Section II: Faculty

Policy Number: II-2.10(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Procedures for Terminal Leave for Faculty


UMCP shall follow the guidelines set forth in II-2.10 of the UMS Bylaws, Policies and Procedures of the Board of Regents concerning terminal leave, which is defined as "leave of absence with pay extending over a period which terminates on the effective date of a faculty member's separation from employment with the institution." The procedures for requesting terminal leave are outlined below.


  1. Only full-time, tenured UMCP faculty members are eligible.
  2. The President has the sole authority to determine eligibility for terminal leave.


  1. A faculty member may make application to the department chairperson or equivalent unit head. The application should contain the reason for the request.
  2. The department chairperson shall forward the request through the usual administrative channels with a recommendation to either grant or deny the application.
  3. The President shall notify the faculty member in writing of the decision to grant or deny the application. An approved request shall be accompanied by a letter of agreement specifying the conditions of the leave.


The duration of terminal leave is at the discretion of the President, within the guidelines of Board of Regents' Policy II-2.10.


Salary shall remain at the level which has been attained at the commencement of the terminal leave. Faculty members on terminal leave are not eligible for an increase in salary, with the exception of the annual cost of living increase, if such is given by the State.