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University Policies
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Section II: Faculty

Policy Number: II-2.30(B)

University of Maryland, College Park Procedures for Sick Leave and Positive Time Reporting By Faculty Members

(Approved by the President )

I. Accrual of Creditable Sick Leave

All faculty members at UMCP accrue sick leave under the guidelines set forth in Board of Regents Policy II-2.30 section III. A. and the policies listed below.

  1. Sick leave is accrued by faculty at the rate of 1.25 work days per month at full salary.
  2. Academic year faculty teaching summer school accrue one work day per summer session at full salary.
  3. Part-time faculty members employed at least 50% time earn sick leave proportionate to their employment.
  4. Sick leave benefits are earned while faculty members are on sabbatical leave, but not while on leave without pay.
  5. A retired faculty member cannot earn creditable sick leave.
  6. Upon depletion of accrued sick leave and all other accrued leave, an individual will be removed from salaried status, except in unusual circumstances recommended by the President.
  7. There will be no compensation for creditable sick leave at the termination of employment. Creditable accumulated sick leave will be applied toward retirement service credits as provided by State law. 

II. Time Reporting

  1. All faculty members, regardless of the source of funding or retirement system, who are employed 50% time or more, must complete monthly reports and sign the file record unless a waiver has been approved by the President. The form to be completed is FACULTY REPORT FORM VII.
  2. Reports for May and June, and the file record, for faculty members not employed during the summer must be completed prior to departure from the Campus.
  3. At the end of each monthly reporting period the reports are to be submitted to the faculty member's supervisor for review and approval. There will be only one record for each faculty member. If a faculty member has more than one supervisor, each must sign the report and record. The offices involved will determine which will keep the record. If a supervisor does not believe a report is accurate, the matter should be discussed with the faculty member. If there continues to be disagreement, the reasons should be noted, and the file forwarded to the person to whom the supervisor reports for discussion and decision.
  4. Corrections on records or files require a written explanation and documentation.
  5. Faculty Time Forms are to be maintained in departmental files for five years. Upon retirement or resignation, the files should be sent to the UMCP Department of Personnel. Files should be signed by the Department Chairperson.
  6. The number of days to be worked shall be established each fiscal year by the President. Each faculty member must show the appropriate number of days, as accounted for by work days (Code D on Form VII) or authorized paid leave.
  7. Work Day- Code (D) Defined
    1. A day during which faculty member has spent a substantial part of the day performing required duties.
    2. Consulting, if within UMCP Guidelines may be recorded as a Code D.
    3. A Saturday or Sunday may be recorded as a workday, to be offset by a weekend (Code X) on a weekday.
    4. A faculty member must meet the contractual requirement by working at least the minimum required work days. Excess work days may be recorded, but faculty members cannot be compensated for excess work days.
    5. Work day totals will be computed on a contract year basis.
    6. A religious holiday observed by a faculty member should be entered as a Code X, and offset by a Code D on another day.

III. Time Keeping Records for Academic Administrators

Faculty Administering Academic Programs shall use the Academic Administrator/Associate Staff Time Keeping Record for maintaining a time keeping record.

  1. The following titles are considered to be Academic Administrators:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Director reporting to the President
    4. Assistant to the President
    5. Assistant to the Vice President
    6. Assistant Vice President
    7. Dean
    8. Associate Dean
    9. Assistant Dean
    10. Academic Department Chairperson or Director
  2. Each Academic Administrator who is eligible to earn leave must complete the Academic Administrator/Associate Staff Time Keeping Record on a biweekly basis. The form should be submitted to the person to whom the Academic Administrator reports for approval.
  3. The forms are maintained at the unit level in the same manner as the forms for faculty members.

IV. Exemption to Positive Time Keeping Records

A faculty member may request an exemption to positive time keeping records. The request must be in writing, to the President, and contain the reason for the request. If the request is approved, the faculty member waives all claims, from that day forward to credit any unused sick leave toward retirement benefits. With the approval of the President, the waiver may be revoked, and unused sick leave credited toward retirement from that time forwad.