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University Policies
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Section III: Academic Affairs

Policy Number: III-6.00(B)

University of Maryland Policy and Procedures Concerning Mid-Term Grades for Undergraduate Students

(Approved by the President )

A. Policy

Mid-Term Grades shall be submitted for undergraduate students as detailed below. These grades are an important component of student success, as they provide timely feedback to students about the University’s academic expectations. Mid-term Grades are used to inform students of their performance in the course during roughly the first half of the semester; they are used for advising purposes and are not recorded on the student’s academic transcript.

B. Procedures

  1. Mid-Term Grades must be submitted for all of the following:
    • Undergraduate students enrolled in their first year (fewer than 30 credits earned at the University of Maryland),
    • Undergraduate students in all 0xx, 1xx, and 2xx level courses,
    • Student athletes in undergraduate courses.
  2. Mid-Term Grades are due eight (8) weeks after the start of the semester. Department Chair or Unit Head must approve any courses for which Mid-Term Grades cannot be issued.
  3. Instructors who have students who require Mid-Term Grades will be prompted to submit Mid-Term Grades. If instructors do not have such students, they will not need to submit Mid-Term Grades.
  4. Mid-Term Grades should be issued in the grading mode for the course. Satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) marks may be used.
  5. All Mid-Term Grades must be submitted as specified by the Office of the Registrar.