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Section III: Academic Affairs

Policy Number: III-2.40(A)

University of Maryland, College Park Policy on Undergraduate Student Concurrent Inter-Institutional Registration


I. Policy

In order to permit enrichment for students attending University of Maryland System institutions, opportunities exist for students to augment their programs by taking courses for credit at other UMS institutions. The following are the procedures to effect inter-institutional registration.

II. Procedures--Home Institution

  1. The student obtains the inter-institutional registration form from the program coordinator/registrar at the home institution, and secures approval from an academic advisor or department chairperson. The student submits the form to the coordinator/registrar who shall verify the information, and if appropriate, approve the request.
  2. The home institution shall register the student for a generic. This ensures that the student is "officially registered" at the home institution and would allow monitoring of the student by providing the registrar with class lists.
  3. The registrar/coordinator shall inform the student of the registration days and times at the host institution and give one copy of the completed form to the student to facilitate completion at the host institution.
  4. Upon completion of the course, the host institution's registrar/coordinator shall forward an official transcript to the home institution reflecting the grades earned and the courses taken there.
  5. Upon official notification, the home institution registrar/coordinator shall post the grade(s) according to institutional policy so that they are calculated in the institution's academic totals.
  6. In addition to the posting of the grades, the home institution shall make a notation on the student's record indicating that the courses were taken as part of an inter-institutional registration and list the name of the institution. This information should appear with the semester in which courses were taken.
  7. Students participating in inter-institutional registration programs shall be advised that they are expected to follow the change of schedule deadlines and pertinent academic policies in effect at the host institution for those courses in which they are registered. Failure to comply with a host institution's deadlines/policies may result in failing grades or other academic actions which shall need to be resolved between the student and the host institution.

III. Procedures--Host Institution

  1. Upon receipt of the inter-institutional registration form, the host institution's registrar/coordinator shall arrange for registration at a time appropriate to the student's classification.
  2. Incoming students shall be classified as inter-campus registrants to eliminate them from head counts and to alleviate any problems with billing.
  3. Special permits, parking or other fees at the host institution are the responsibility of the student electing to participate in the program.
  4. Students wishing to participate in the inter-institutional registration shall be accommodated on a course available basis. Students are expected to have met the prerequisites or other criteria set for restricted programs of study.

IV. Procedures--Special Circumstances

Those for whom a special situation exists (disability, special circumstances, etc.) may ask the home institution coordinator to facilitate the registration process for them. Inter-institutional registration is a student responsibility, but exceptions shall be permitted when both coordinators at the home and host institutions agree that